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Monday is Christmas Eve: Last-minute presents

It’s Friday and only the weekend separates us from Christmas.
You are looking forward to Christmas with your family. You can already smell the cookies and see many presents under the tree. ou just realized that you’ve completely forgotten about buying presents? Here are some last-minute Christmas presents so that you don’t go empty-handed.

Small dates for your loved ones

Your family is always happy when you call or write to them about what’s happening with your life. However, they are happiest when they get to see you. Grandparents and parents in particular treasure spending time with you. Give your time as presents to your loved ones.

How can you gift small dates? When we were young, we had already given car wash or helping in the kitchen coupons to our parents. Be creative and make colorful coupons like when you were a child.
It will rekindle memories on the one hand, and you can put your heart and soul for each person individually on the other hand. You can’t come up with a suitable date idea? Here are some to think about.

1. Date at a cafe for coffee and cake

2. Cinema date

3. Games evening

4. Day trip together

5. Cook or bake together

What did you like to do with your family as a child? Be inspired by past events.

Gift wellness

Why buy expensive wellness products in the mall when you can easily make them yourself?
With little time spent, you can quickly and easily mix sugar or sea salt exfoliating scrub as a gift. To make your own exfoliating scrub, you only need a few ingredients.
With 250 g (8.8 oz) sugar or sea salt, 75 ml (2.5 fl oz) olive oil, and quite a few drops of an essential oil, you already have all you need. As an alternative to the essential oil, you can use grated lemon zest. To make colors stand out, use some fruit syrup.
Making it is very easy. Mix all ingredients, best with a blender, and then bottle the mixture. The most suitable bottles are jam jars. You can also decorate the bottle with a pretty sticker.
You find more recipes and easy-to-follow video instructions for homemade exfoliating body scrubs on YouTube.

Memories forever

Was the last vacation with your loved ones recent? Or maybe it’s the opposite and has it been a long time since you’ve gone on a vacation together? You don’t want the memories to fade away? How about creating a photo collage so that the good time is recorded forever? This way nostalgia can be brought to life again.

You don’t have any photos at hand? A coupon for a professional photo shoot at a studio will bring a smile to everyone’s face. Think of something unusual for the shoot and create an exceptional couple or family photographs.

Bake something different

You don’t have time to bake cookies and make them pretty? Then gift a baking mix in a jar that you made for Christmas! You already have most ingredients such as flour, sugar, and baking soda at home.

Simply grab a large resealable jar and fill it with dry cookie ingredients layer by layer. Then write the recipe on a small sheet and attach it to the jar, so that the recipient has the step-by-step instructions handy.

Depending on how extravagant you feel, you can add chocolate, nuts, or dried fruits. Your free spirit knows no boundaries in coming up with the recipe.
Use an old tried and tested recipe or gift new creations and allow yourself to be surprised by the feedback afterwards. The recipient only needs eggs, butter, or milk in addition to the mix in the jar to bake cookies, depending on the recipe.
You find five great recipes for different baking mixes here.

Even at the last minute you can conjure up wonderful Christmas presents.
For most things you don’t even need many utensils. With small things you can make your loved ones happy. In the end, the most important things are the thoughts and affectionate gestures.

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