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Summer series on media jobs: Corporate Communications Manager and Press Officer

In the previous article you learned about the differences between corporate communication and PR.
But what about jobs in this sector? In this piece we discuss the professions of Press Officer and Corporate Communication Management.

Contacts are your currency

As the press officer of a business you are the first point of contact for the media, journalists, and other important interest groups. One of your main tasks is maintaining press databases and personal contacts to editors.
By doing so you know exactly whom to give what information at what point in time to achieve the best possible outcome for the business.

In your position you are also the link between the communication department and online marketing. You are in contact with your colleagues and support and inform them about the news items that need to be published online.

As a press officer you communicate a lot with the public. You develop social media and PR plans and compose press releases.
Depending on the size of the business, you organize media events such as conferences, interviews, and background talks. For this work you ought to have a confident and serious demeanor and be able to express yourself skillfully in writing and speaking.
In addition, a cool head and an unflappable character are an asset, since journalists often like to scrutinize facts.

Is there a corporate communications manager inside you?

You are not interested in any old job, but would like to be in management and become the head of a communication department?
Many corporations demand many years of professional experience and a completed Master’s degree for such positions. In addition you must be able to demonstrate that you are experienced in human resources and team management.

There aren’t that many Master’s programs specialized in the communication sector. We at the University of Applied Sciences offer two Master’s programs that will propel you further in your career path.
In our Corporate Management program you acquire important core elements of business administration, personnel, and process. The Master’s program in Marketing Management & PR is perfect if you have an affinity for marketing and PR and would like to develop your skills in these areas.

As a Corporate Communications Manager, you are responsible for internal and external communication and assign tasks to your team.
In your position you work on the continuous improvement of the communication processes and prepare guidance on content for the entire communication process of the business. For this reason you are in close contact with the top management and managers of individual departments.

Show that you are a creative expert

Your job does not just involve leading a team. Your organizations skills are also in demand.
You oversee the content and strategic coordination of different communication activities. Your tasks include the integration of social media channels and media work into internal and external communication and development of digital and analog communication strategies.

What is the best way for you to reach your clients? What trends are emerging and influencing your sector? You must consider such and other questions so that you can quickly react to changes.
As a Press Officer you must also be forward looking and keep an eye on the media. Especially in crises, the Corporate Communications Manager works very closely with the press office so that information can be communicated clearly in and outside the business.

How do you manage crises and what is important in internal communication?

Every business can find itself in a crisis situation. What needs to be borne in mind in such cases and what are the required measures in terms of internal communication?
Learn about it in our next installment of the summer series on media jobs on Tuesday, August 28, 2018.
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