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Job skills – What does the event industry expect?

You are passionate about festivals, concerts, and big events?
You would like to manage and produce events professionally, but don’t know what exactly matters when applying for a job?
Today the University of Applied Sciences Europe takes a close look at the event industry for you. Here you’ll learn what skills you need to land your dream job!

You are always on the road

The frequent traveling can be a roller-coaster because you won’t be spending much time at home during the festival season or when you’re managing a band on tour.
Many employers look for employees who can work flexible hours and are prepared to travel. In addition, many events take place on the weekend, so you should be content with working on days others don’t.
You can specialize in an international career with our Master’s program in International Sport & Event Management. You can develop know-how that will make you a highly-sought employee in the global level in the industry.

A Class B driving license is an additional advantage in the event industry. You are often on the road and only rarely will be staying near the event location. With your own vehicle you are flexible and can even transport materials in emergency situations.
Efficiency and willingness are highly valued in the event industry.

How fit are you?

Working big events requires a lot of physical and mental strength.
Mental and physical stamina as well as a strong hands-on attitude will be viewed positively by your employer. In addition to your physical fitness, you must be able to keep a cool head in stressful situations. Your composed demeanor, coupled with your organizational talents, makes you an ideal project leader.
As a team player you love working with your colleagues. With an open and motivational outlook, you can win over everyone!

The right approach for success

Planning and management are in your DNA? Then you should also have strong computer skills in Word and Excel, as communication is a large part of your work. Basic understanding of controlling is also important in this environment because you will need to handle a lot of budge planning.

A degree in Communication and Media Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe will equip you with this knowledge and more. You will train your leadership skills and gain a solid understanding of planning, management, and media.

A confident and assertive demeanor towards clients and suppliers leaves a strong impression on all involved.

A further advantage for you is your strength in communication and your talent in dealing with different disciplines, characters, and cultures.
For example, an exclusive assessment training at the picturesque Krickenbeck Castle is integrated into our Master’s programs. Through practical exercises you master the skills of conducting yourself confidently and become well-versed in leading negotiations.
As you represent your event agency or your own business, you must also make sure to look well-groomed.


Are you interested in a degree in the sport and event sectors? Then have a look at our Sport & Event Management program.

The field you are interested in was not featured in this issue? Then look forward to our next job skills guide on Friday, August 10, 2018. In it we will be giving you tips for working in charitable and cultural organizations.

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