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Job skills: What awaits you in controlling?

Would you like to get a job in your favorite fields of business, finances, and organization?
Then controlling could be the right choice for you. This time, you’ll learn more about what job skills you need as a controlling expert in a business!

Stay on top of things

An expert understanding of numbers and facts is particularly important in controlling. Because, one of your main tasks is a continuous analysis of business-related information and process optimization. So that you can stay on top of things and don’t let things fall into chaos, you should bring a thorough and structured workflow to your workplace.

Impress with your practical knowledge

Are you working as a student employee in controlling while doing your degree or have you been able to gain professional experiences in your internships? Then you will make a good impression in the application process and can distinguish yourself from the masses.
Considering that many employers would like to see that you have already been able to make first points of contact with your future remit in addition to a completed degree in business with specialization in controlling or commercial training.

Are you still looking for the right university or college for you? At the University of Applied Sciences Europe we offer a standard bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a dual bachelor’s in Business. Decide which program is better for you and choose your preferred advanced studies. For example in controlling, marketing, or accounting & finance. Plan your career path even as you study!

Stand out with your IT and SAP knowledge

Do you have a preference for IT matters and possess some knowledge in the areas of database analysis and SAP? Then you enjoy a great advantage over your competitors! In your job as a controller you maintain and create databases and work a lot with programs such as SAP.
This is the acronym for System, Applications, and Products. The SAP program is one of the leading universal tools which many global businesses use for handling their business processes. In particular the bookkeeping, controlling, sales, and purchasing departments work with SAP for their processes, but also production, warehousing, and HR.
Other widely-used IT systems in controlling are among others R/3 (FI, CO, SD modules), Navision, and OLAP databases. Of course you should be well-versed with Office programs and in particular with Excel, because you will be processing a lot of data.

Next time: Diversity in real estate

In our next job skills guide, we look at the jobs in the real estate sector. What kinds of jobs are there and what skills must you have for which job?
Learn more on Friday, October 12, 2018! You can’t wait that long? Then have a look here now for our Business Administration program in which you lay the foundations for your career in the business sector and apply right away for the upcoming semester at University of Applied Sciences Europe!

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