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Job skills – Your dream job in the banking and insurance industry

Many people work at numerous insurance agencies and bank branches across Germany.
Are you interested in this sector and would like to gain a foothold? The University of Applied Sciences Europe has carefully examined banking as well as the insurance industry for you.

Set your goals

In order to land your dream job, you must have completed professional training as a qualified insurance and finance practitioner (Kaufmann/-frau für Versicherungen und Finanzen) or a finance-related degree such as the Master’s in Finance Management at the University of Applied Sciences Europe.

Some companies prefer that their future employees have a background in business administration. You haven’t been able to gain such experience? Be committed and show your boss that you’re ready for new challenges and prepared for further training programs.

It is important to stay on top of things in your job.
You work with different clients, each of whom requires individual support. Your ability to work independently with a structured and results-oriented manner will be recognized by your employer.
As an organizational talent you are able to cater to the individual needs of the client and work with a problem-solving mindset.

Communication is the name of the game

Be it in banking or the insurance industry, you work with your clients, meaning that you negotiate with them, write up new contracts, and look after existing contracts and client data. For this work, you should be confident in business and not shy away from communicating with the client. Many businesses place a high premium on excellent customer and service-oriented attitude.

If you are not advising your client face-to-face, you are in communication with them via e-mail or post. A further bonus point in this sector is therefore a good computer skill in Word and Excel.

You often work together with colleagues from different departments. A strong communicator who is also a team player will be highly appreciated by your future employer.

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