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Job skills: What does the automotive industry demand from non-engineers (part 2): Designers / Photographers / Illustrators / Motion Designers

In the first part of job skills guide, we looked at the areas of business, marketing, and communication in the automotive industry.
In this part it’s all about the creative aspects of the automotive industry. What skills must you have in the areas of design, photography, illustration, and motion design? We are going to tell you!

Design is everything in an automobile

Are you enthusiastic about product design and in particular the artistic design of automobiles? In the automotive industry there are different design fields. Not only must the exterior be planned to the tiniest detail, but also the interior of a vehicle – From the motor to the interior fittings like seats, center and roofline consoles, and the electronic components. Do you have an eagle eye for detail and the right instinct for future trends? As an automotive designer you must know the target group as much as the marketing department. Who are your customers, how much are they prepared to pay, and what makes them so enthusiastic about an automobile model?

For this reason you must have a basic understanding of statistics and market analysis. You should also have experience with Adobe Creative Suite and understanding of UI/UX design as well as VR. You must also be well-versed in this program as an illustrator. Even in this sector you should master different programs like Photoshop and Illustrator and be able to create 2D as well as 3D digital sketches.

While studying for a degree in the Faculty of Art & Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe you acquire these important skills. For that purpose we make tools such as Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop available to you so that you can work with them and gain expertise in using them. Our practice-oriented program optimally prepares you for the job market and supports your hands-on mentality. Have a look at our German Illustration program or discover our information material here!

Team work and communication in the automotive industry

As you cannot be the creator of every single element of an automobile. You must communicate with your team and colleagues. For that reason, you should be a good team player and be prepared to compromise to a certain degree.
Especially in companies that have international locations, you should know the jargon in English. Not all parts are produced at one location and you must be able to communicate with your colleagues across borders.

Unleash your artistic range

You have a talent in photography and have already been able to gain experiences in image editing? Do you find typography interesting and design is for you? Then graphics department is exactly the right place for you!
There you can establish yourself as a communications designer, motion designer, or photographer and create and develop eye-catching campaigns for the business, brand, and individual products. With your eagle eye for aesthetics and design and your linguistic savoir faire you will be in demand in your future job.
Another important aspect when applying in the creative sector is a portfolio that you can present. In the automotive sector as much as any other sector, your future employer would like to see your talent.

Whether Photography, Film + Motion Design, or Communication Design, at our university you can give free rein to your creativity and experiment as much as you wish. With study trips to Cambodia or Iceland you have extraordinary options to build a very unique portfolio with samples of your work that stands out. Get the information material about the programs here!

Next time: Planning and coordination for ensuring smooth business operation

In the next installment of our job skills guide, it’s all about the skills in controlling. What skills do you need to be successful when applying as an expert in controlling? Find out more on Friday, September 28th, 2018!
Would you like to know more about controlling and corporate management now? Then get hold of our information material here and have a look at our master’s in Corporate Management!

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