Job prospects in motion design

Are you enthusiastic about animation films?
The moving images at Piccadilly Circus in London fascinate you? Then you are right at home in the world of motion design! But not everyone can work for Pixar and co.
What other jobs are there in the area of motion design, which skills must you have, and what do the future prospects look like in this sector?
In this piece we look to answer these questions!

Harness the power of social media

Whether Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, there are advertisements everywhere and only something unique catches the eye of the public.
Do you have a feel for social media trends and know how to create striking advertisements? You creative genius is sought by advertisement agencies, from simple text copies to striking images and animated videos. All these things excite the motion designer.
Do you have some knowledge of communication or marketing in addition? Then you are perfect for the position of a graphics and motion designer in the social media department. For this job you should be familiar with Adobe Creative Suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects, and have first experiences in animation from the beginning.

Your passion for movies and videos

Or would you rather work in post-production of movies? As an editor you must possess a discerning mind and trained eye for scenes.
You cut, edit, and put sequences together so that the output is harmonious. As such you must be confident and have practical knowledge of channel-specific software and technologies such as Final Cut Pro, Encoder Software, and audio editors.

In the course of digitalization

Digitalization has been creating new professions, expanding some others, and in its course threatening others to extinction.
Like others, the creative sector has been changing a lot. The work in the motion design sector is aligned more and more with the demands made by digital.
That does not however mean that the analog phase has completely vanished. It is going through a transformation, from drawing and illustration to typography and graphics design to photographic element and ever-modernizing forms such as video and animation. The individual elements overlap and are intertwined and a productive combination leads to success.

Depending on the business, agency, or specialization, you have to be at times more and at other times less of a team player. Especially in the digital era, where the Internet, social media, and apps dominate many aspects of life, you work together with colleagues who are for instance programmers, marketing experts, and directors.
Here is another tip: Even if you have found your specialist niche, be open to changes and transformations in your creative processes.

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Creative heroes are active in the public sector

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