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Industry 4.0: The Era of YOU Has Arrived

Digital business and data science aren’t just about numbers and formulas.
Instead, the focus is on Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the online sector. The digital business boom needs capable employees. A program of study like the UE’s Digital Business & Data Science makes an ideal beginning of a successful career in this field.

Digital Business: Today’s Magic

Nearly every profession is connected with the digital sector, either directly or indirectly. Through our comprehensive program of study, you can become multi-talented in commercial enterprise, while also gaining important technical know-how. You will gain as much valuable knowledge about management as you do about programming.

Do you have a creative streak? If so, the field of creative business is the place for you. As a Digital Business Manager or an Online Marketing Specialist, you’ll know what motivates consumers and which sales and advertising messages get them excited. Create online campaigns that sweep people off their feet!

Or perhaps your heart beats faster when you think about complicated data? Do you get fired up about coding? If so, the door to becoming a software developer, web developer or app designer is wide open to you. You hold the reins—you decide how the technical gadgets of tomorrow should look.

Travel the World: Google, Facebook and Amazon

They’re big, well known, and successful worldwide, and they have one thing in common—they’re digital. Your next job could already be waiting for you at a large corporation like Axel Springer or OTTO.

IT professionals design and create the technical system of a company. As an expert in digital transformation, you’ll be the first point of contact for your colleagues when problems with data sets or software arise.

Want to have more action in your normal working day? In IT security, you’ll work intensively to combat cyber attacks, such as Trojans, viruses and hackers. You’ll be responsible for the technical security of operating systems, for which you’ll set up your own security programs and firewalls.

The Visual World of Communication

Does fantasy flow through your proverbial veins, and do you understand how to create visually appealing designs that say more than only words can say?
If so, you should consider studying Communication Design at our academy. The next installment in the Jobguide series, on December 15, will look at the art of communication and how to incorporate this into the design process.

Can’t wait to learn more about this study program? Then simply click here!

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