How to overcome writer’s block

You’ve been sitting at home for ages in front of your laptop staring at that white Word document, but no matter how hard you concentrate on your work and try to formulate a sentence, you just can’t succeed. If you’re experiencing this, then you are fighting writer’s block. This blog focusses on how you can overcome this blockage and get back to your work successfully. 

Clearing your head

Often you can’t concentrate on one thing while thinking of other things at the same time. Whether it’s personal matters or the list of tasks waiting for you that is causing your creative block, it is helpful to free yourself from these thoughts in order to focus on what you are working on. 

To help combat the problem, you can try writing down the issues that keep you busy and prevent you from working productively. By doing this, you won’t forget important “to-dos” and can concentrate on what is important at that moment. 

Fresh air is also helpful when you cannot concentrate. Close your laptop for a while and allow yourself some time off. A walk will help you to continue working later with a clear head. 

Make key points

If you do not know where to start with your task, it helps if you first write down notes and key points on your topic. A red thread usually emerges automatically when you see what information you have available. 

Categorise your notes and the approaches you want to include in your work and mark your notes by relevance. This will give you an overview and you can then work through your notes step by step and form coherent sentences from the key points you have written down. 

You can also find inspiration in the texts of others. Get information online and read articles that deal with the same topic. Approaches and comments from others can help you come up with your own ideas. It is usually much easier to start your own work afterwards.

The working environment 

You do not succeed in being creative and productive in every work environment. Often it can be helpful if you study outside of home when you are working on technical papers, homework or similar. It is important that as few external factors as possible distract you.

If your smartphone or TV is within reach, your attention is not focused on your work. Simple things, such as an untidy room, also have a demotivating effect on your work behaviour.

It is often motivating to have other students next to you who are also working or studying.

The most important thing is not to put yourself under pressure. Sometimes it just takes a little longer to write a good essay. 

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