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How do you convince your parents to be okay with your decision of pursuing a creative degree? 

Your school days are coming to an end and it’s time to work out what you want to do afterwards. You have always dreamed of studying a creative subject such as art and design or photography and now you want to make this dream come true. However, your parents think a more traditional career path with greater job opportunities would make more sense. 

This blog covers how you can understand your parents concerns better and show them why a creative degree course is the right choice for you.

Understanding their worries

Your parents only want the best for you. They want you to have the best career opportunities, so that you can stand on your own two feet after graduation. Careers in the creative industry can often seem less stable when compared with careers in STEM or business. 

The most important thing for your family is that you are doing well. As they already have more life experience than you have been able to gather so far, they will try to protect you and support you with their tips and opinions. Try to understand this and respond to their concerns through an honest conversation. 

Why do you want to study something creative?

Explain to your parents why you want to study a creative course. Have you been interested in photography for years or did you participate in a theatre group during your school days? If so, you can tell your parents why you would like to go in this direction professionally. It is helpful to show them that your career aspirations are not just a “random idea”, but a long-held dream.

Show your parents your work! For example, do you have a portfolio of your artistic work? It will help your family to understand your desire to study a creative subject if you can showcase your work.

Give them time

It is best to introduce the idea of you studying a creative subject early to prepare your parents for this decision. This will give them time to process the new information and think about it. It might take a little while before they can get used to the idea, but as soon as they see that your decision has been thought through and you stand by your words, they will understand you. 

The job opportunities 

To ease your parents’ worries, you can tell them about the various job opportunities that your studies will expose you to. Not every trained actor ends up at the theatre as planned. As an art and design student, the doors to large companies and small start-ups are open to you after you have completed your studies. 

The professional fields and industries have changed a lot over time. In many professions there are no clear boundaries anymore. You can also go into business yourself after your studies or start a career in a company you may not have expected. 

In conclusion, it can be said that you can definitely make your dream of studying a creative programme come true. It may take a little longer to convince your family of this decision. However, with open communication, a solution can be found.