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How do I find my dream job after university?

Unfortunately, your time at university will eventually come to an end. To help you find the right job after you graduate, we have a few helpful tips:

During your studies

It is not difficult to look around for job opportunities during your studies. You could think about working as a student in a company of your choice, undertaking a subject-specific internship in the semester break or even completing a practical semester.

Working student activity

Working alongside your studies can be quite stressful. Your university studies should take precedence so you will need to ensure you have enough time to study. However, if you’re well organised, there’s usually still a chance you can work whilst you study, though it might only be possible for you to work around 10 hours rather than 20.

You will need to consider the best way to find a company that fits you and your needs. You could consider getting one of your professors to help you and recommend a company or two. By doing this, you will get a taste for a profession and gain valuable practical experience which will benefit you during your studies. 

The practical semester

The practical semester is a great opportunity for gaining insights into a company. You will have enough time to get fully involved and get a taste of your upcoming working life. Lecturers or job advertisements on the internet can also help you to make a decision on which company is right for you. Make sure you know what your best qualities are and where you would place yourself in your professional life. This is a good chance to try out whether a company and the associated job is suitable for your future career aspirations. 

In addition, practical experience and a letter of recommendation from your employer will look really good on your resume and application. 

After your studies

If you haven’t been preparing or thinking about your future career choice during your studies then the end of your studies can be very intimidating. While it’s great that we have such a wide variety of professions these days, it’s also a bit overwhelming. Although you have already set yourself up for a number of roles by studying, you will still need to work out which companies suit you best.

Keeping a clear head

It is helpful to write down all the thoughts that buzz around in your head. It is also good to sit down with a friend, a fellow student or your parents and to brainstorm your ideas. Why did you choose your degree? What interested you about it and did you perhaps already have concrete career aspirations at that time? If this is the case, the search becomes easier. Realise what your strengths are after graduating, not only within your studies but also outside the university. What inspired you the most during your university days? This will enable you to limit the direction your search should take. 

Finding the right company

Once you have worked out your strengths and interests, then you can begin to think about the right company for you. Using Google search engine can help you to do this but you can also use our career portal for students: JobTeaser

Of course, the University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) can also assist you. Your lecturers will be happy to make a recommendation on your behalf and the Career Center can help you to get a broad overview of the roles you might enjoy. UE supports you with one-on-one interviews as well as counselling and training.

In summary, you are not alone when it comes to finding the right profession. Although, it can be intimidating sometimes, particularly when you consider the wide range of possibilities, you will be accompanied by UE from start to finish. We will help you to land in a job role. 

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