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Your high school graduation is approaching: how to gain a better understanding of your parents’ concerns

As your high school graduation approaches, your move from home is also drawing closer.
It’s an exciting prospect for you, but for your parents, it’s one more thing to worry about. You’re probably annoyed by their constant and unnecessary anxiety, and you don’t really get what they are worried about. In this article, we’ll look at parents’ point of view to help you gain an insight into their concerns.

Conflicting emotions

Parents experience conflicting emotions when a child leaves home.
On one hand, they want to support you in becoming independent and watch you mature. On the other, they may feel a sense of wistfulness and rejection.
They may be asking themselves: “Why does he suddenly want to move out? Did I do something wrong?” or “Doesn’t she like it at home anymore?” Your parents may be wondering if you are moving out because of them.

Clearly explaining your reasons for leaving home is the best way to help your parents get rid of any negative feelings. Help them to see that you still love them and that they’re important to you, but that you want to stand on your own two feet.

No money, no chance

Almost everyone worries about their financial situation. Your parents won’t just be thinking about their own budget, they’ll also be wondering about your finances. Moving into your own place can be a costly business. They may tell you how expensive the whole project is and be convinced that you won’t have enough money to live on your own.

Your parents may forget that you work part-time and will receive a BAföG student loan in addition to the allowance that they’ll give you. They may be concerned that you’ll waste your money on stuff you don’t need, even though that isn’t true.
Their imaginations may run wild as they picture you ending up on the streets with no money or taking on dubious jobs to make ends meet.

Help your parents to feel secure about your financial situation. Show them that you have been saving up for your move. Create a budget plan for your future costs to show them that you can keep track of your income and expenses.

Danger lurks everywhere

Do you always have to let your parents know you’ve arrived safely or if you’re going to be late? Do they always worry when you’re out with friends?
If so, this probably gets on your nerves, but you are not alone. Your parents probably felt just the same when they were your age. Ultimately, they know that you’re old enough to take care of yourself.

However, every day your parents are bombarded with news about dangerous incidents, especially in big cities.
There are reports of accidents with casualties, armed robberies, and worse. Alarm bells start ringing and your parents may imagine the worst.
You might also be concerned about your parents when you hear such news stories, but for them, the level of worry is simply more acute because you will always be their baby, the center of their world, and the most precious thing they have. You mean so much to them that they can’t help but worry about you!


Parents can be true experts when it comes to worrying! They really only want the best for you and to support you on your future path, even though that might mean they sometimes get on your nerves.
If you think of their concern as a sign that they love and value you, their many questions and exaggerations may feel less stressful.

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