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Game Design – You are the main character in your world

Decide which games come to the market. Create, produce, and realize your ideas.
There are no limits to your creativity. With a degree in Game Design, you can let your imagination run free. Creativity and technology come together in Game Design. There are many career opportunities in different specialized sectors available to you. Your ability and talent in the gaming industry are in huge demand.

Huge diversity

A degree in Game Design opens up far more career prospects than you might first expect. The market is not yet saturated. You experience in the areas of art, animation, graphics, and 2D construction make you one of the most in-demand job candidates.

Equally valuable is your experience in scripting and coding. As a games programmer you can handle complicated web applications and the essence of the games – the game engine. Many companies are looking for people from the game design sector for posts in web development and visual design because they have comprehensive background knowledge and can channel their immense creativity.
It is about other things too. Set your goals high and work to reach the top by becoming an art director or setting up your own studio to be your own boss as a creative director.

The games begin!

E-sport is becoming accepted as a type of sport in an increasing number of countries. There are already huge tournaments that are live streamed worldwide.
And you can be right at the heart of the action! Not only as a spectator but also as a commentator. Combining game design and journalism enables you to get involved with game events, sitting in the front row. Game journalism is thriving with the growth of e-sport and is always in need of new, bright talents.

Your knowledge is highly valued

Not just commentators are in demand in e-sport. You are a wordsmith and know how to motivate people? How about a job as a trainer? Coordinating and leading gaming teams can be a challenge in its own right. Hand-eye coordination must be perfect. A tired or slow mind must be revitalized to withstand the pressures of a competition. Combine your first degree with a Master’s in Sport and Event Management, and you will be unstoppable.

Your deep and rich know-how from specializing in the games industry is equally in demand at the management level. Already during your studies, you learn what it means to produce projects and games. You understand the community and know what makes it tick. Guiding teams is nothing new for you thanks to the program.

What’s the working environment like?

The game design sector offers a huge number of potential careers. The creation of games is not your only option. In the program, you learn a considerable number of soft skills which are highly valued by many employers.

In our next post, we’ll address human psychology. What’s happening in people’s heads? How does it impact their work? And how do psychology and business fit together at all? On Friday, November 17, we will delve deeper into the world of psychology and business psychology for you.

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