Spending a Semester Abroad

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As the world becomes increasingly globalised, travelling and studying in different countries is becoming more accessible and popular. Not only can a study abroad programme help you in your later career but it will also help you to grow as a person. You can use the time you spend in another country to improve your [...]

How do I find my dream job after university?

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Unfortunately, your time at university will eventually come to an end. To help you find the right job after you graduate, we have a few helpful tips: During your studies It is not difficult to look around for job opportunities during your studies. You could think about working as a student in a company of [...]

Job skills: What does the automotive industry demand from non-engineers (part 2): Designers / Photographers / Illustrators / Motion Designers

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In the first part of job skills guide, we looked at the areas of business, marketing, and communication in the automotive industry. In this part it’s all about the creative aspects of the automotive industry. What skills must you have in the areas of design, photography, illustration, and motion design? We are going to tell [...]

Industry 4.0: The Era of YOU Has Arrived

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Digital business and data science aren’t just about numbers and formulas. Instead, the focus is on Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the online sector. The digital business boom needs capable employees. A program of study like the UE’s Digital Business & Data Science makes an ideal beginning of a successful career in this field. Digital [...]

FINEWAY Recruiting

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Mit dem Launch der Career Site haben wir auch unsere Praktikumsstellen überarbeitet, die für Studierenden und Absolventen bestimmt interessant sind: Travel Design Marketing Content Management Entrepreneur in Residence Die Praktika können jederzeit begonnen werden und sollten 3-9 Monate dauern. Bei erfolgreichem Praktikum besteht die Chance auf Übernahme. Neben den Praktika finden Interessenten auch spannende Job-Angebote [...]