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Your high school graduation is approaching: what to do if you’re torn between two study programs

With your final school exams drawing closer, it will soon be time start university.
Perhaps you are not yet sure what you want to study, or you’re torn between two degree programs and you just can’t decide which is best for you. In this article, you’ll find helpful advice on how to make this important decision.

Compare course content

The first step towards choosing a degree program is to take a close look at the subjects and compare the course content. Create a list of pros and cons. Take a critical look at all the information and try not to gloss over anything.
For example, if you really don’t enjoy Math and one of the programs has a lot of mathematical content, then this is definitely an argument against it. Perhaps one degree course has many lectures in English as there are lots of international students at the university. Do you have problems with English and do foreign languages make you feel insecure? Or perhaps you think it’s great to have lectures in different languages and this is what makes the course appealing.
Take a careful look at what each study program has to offer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each course?

If you are still unsure even after comparing the program content, there are other factors to consider too. The study program is not always the only thing that matters; the university location, teaching staff, and learning environment also play a key role.
It is important that you feel comfortable and are able to develop during your studies. Familiarize yourself with your future campus and take part in campus events, such as open days or trial studies, to get a better impression of the university.

Ask friends and family

You’re at a junction and you don’t know which path to follow: both courses appeal to you and you think they would suit you equally well.
If you can’t see any significant differences between the two programs, then why not ask your friends and family for their input? The people around you know you better than you think and could be a great help. Listen to their advice and what they have to say about each course.

A quirky way to ‘convince’ yourself about a particular study program is to have your friends and family try to sell you a course.
Ask you them to try out this sales game with you. All you need to do is show them the two study programs. Give them some time to prepare a short presentation or PowerPoint for you and then let the fun begin!
Your friends or family present their favorite options to you one after the other and try to persuade you with their arguments. Perhaps one of them will be so talented at selling that you’ll immediately feel more interested in one of the courses and it will be easier to make your decision.

Imagine your future

Another way to make it easier to choose between two courses is to think about your future. Consider what your prospects would be after studying each of the two courses. Which master’s degrees could you pursue afterwards? What professions could you enter?
Look into the future and imagine your future self. Ask yourself if your future job will make you happy and whether you will still want to be doing it in 20 or even 30 years time.


Deciding between two study programs is a difficult task. The reflection process takes time and you should not make a hasty choice. First, take a critical look at both courses by yourself, and then ask your family and friends about their thoughts. Consider your future: your decision will not only shape your current situation, but also lay the foundations for your future career.

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