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Your last year in high school: Why is now the time to think about your college choices?

Your last year in high school has just started and you don’t know yet what or where you want to study after graduation?
Use your time now and be informed about programs, colleges, and universities that interest you!

Why start so early?

You can never start too early to learn how you can realize your dreams. In a few months you will be right in the middle of preparations for your high school exams. You will want to put a lot of energy into learning. You won’t have the time or be in the mood for intensive research.

For instance there may be a Numerus Clausus restriction for your dream degree and you really have to put a huge effort into your last school year so that you get the necessary grades.
Or you have to move to another city after high school, because the program of your choice is not offered at an institution near you. Then you should look for possible accommodation sufficiently early. For example student dorms are often very popular. The earlier you gather information, the less stressful it will be for you in the final stretch and as you are about to start your college life.

Another advantage of thinking about your college choice is the fact that as soon as you’ve decided on your program, your family will stop breathing down your neck, always asking what you want to do with your future.

The choice is infinite

Germany has around 400 tertiary education institutions, among which are public colleges, public and private universities of applied sciences, art colleges, technical colleges for administration, as well as teacher training and theology colleges. The selection of institutions for you to choose is enormous. Would you like to study at a public college or at a university of applied sciences? Private or public?
The tricky problem however is finding the perfect program. There are more than 19,000 different programs in Germany. From the regular bachelor’s degree to dual degrees to master’s programs, be it in business, arts, sports, pedagogy, or medicine.
What is going to be the right choice for you from this huge amount of choice?

How do I find out what’s right for me?

The decision cannot always be made quickly or easily. If you are still undecided which field you should study or whether it’s right for you, then student advice tests  are a good way to find out about your options. You will find many different forms and variations online. However do not just rely on the very first result. Use a number of different tests and compare to see if the results match.
The Employment Agency in Germany offers for example a job advice test and a student advice test. They will ask for your strengths and weaknesses, skills, as well as certain aptitudes.
The result is not always going to be satisfactory straightaway. A test just serves to show potential directions for you. It’s not there to force you to go down a certain route. The decision is always in your hands. It’s your future and you can determine it.

What do we offer to you?

The University of Applied Sciences Europe is a private, state-accredited university. We offer different programs in the disciplines of business, psychology, media and communication, sport management, and art and design.
You can study at three locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Iserlohn (North Rhine-Westphalia). Whether a bachelor’s or master’s, we support you and your personal career goal.
How? You can co-design your program and choose your passions in the advanced phases. In addition we emphasize a practice-oriented teaching so that you can gain important, practical experiences for your future professional life even as you study. With integrated internships and a semester abroad, you will be one step ahead of your competitors and shine in the future job applications.


We know that there is a big choice and it’s not easy to make a decision. Take your time to do the research and be thoroughly informed about your dream program.
The earlier you start, the better it is. If you are still very unsure which direction you want to go, then you can use different student advice tests to inspire you or visit the open campus days of your choice.

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