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Are you going to be the next highflier in finance?

Business administration and managing numbers are exactly your thing?
Then a Master’s degree in the discipline of finance and controlling is potentially the right choice for you, such as the Finance Management program at the University of Applied Sciences Europe! Click here to see more information about the Master’s program.

So that you have a good idea about your life after completing your degree, we’re presenting a few job profiles in the finance sector.

Planning and optimizing are in your hands

You are interested in process optimization and analysis?
As a process manager you work on the operational processes and are responsible for internal process development and business process optimization. You oversee projects and provide support in the development and realization of new ideas.
Your skills in business administration and finance in such an environment make you a controller in very high demand.
You seek potential savings internally and are the contact person for the management and board. You create reports, make forecasts, and are responsible for budget planning with your proactive approach.

Demonstrate initiative and responsibility

With a Master’s degree in Finance Management you have answers to all possible questions in the areas of management and finance.
The job of a risk manager for example is demanding and comes with huge responsibilities in the company. Your work includes for instance the implementation of risk management processes for identifying, analyzing, assessing, and reporting risks at the corporate and process levels.

You know how to make a deal and are interested in investments?
Then the role of an investment manager might be for you. You work among others at the forefront of acquisition of retail properties, buildings, and condos for the company. You act as an adviser to the board and management as well as other departments and take care of the preparations and see through the sales negotiations.
In addition you are skillful at presenting marketing materials and assured at client management.

Make an international career in the sport and events scene

You have completed your first degree in Sport & Event Management and would some day like to work at a world-famous sports team or events agency? Follow it up straightaway with a Master’s in this discipline to make progress in your chosen career path and prepare yourself for an internationally oriented work.
Our next job guide will be published on Friday, August 24, 2018. You can’t wait that long?
Then have a look here to learn all about our Master’s program in International Sport & Event Management.

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