A Fanfare of Events

The world is a stage, and you decide what’s happens on it!
With a degree in Sport and Event Management, the doors to all the possibilities in event management are open to you. In this post, the UE presents the exciting world of the event management industry and its various sectors.

All of them will welcome you with open arms. The music, fashion, and sports industries are only some of the possible fields. Other potential employers include city management and state legislature.

The City is Your Playing Field

Trade fairs and conventions happen all over the world. Specialists in the event industry are charged with planning them and carrying them out. With a degree in Sport and Event Management, you’ll be as well versed in marketing as you are in organizing large-scale events. As a trade fair organizer, you’re the contact person for exhibitors, advertisers and sales booths. Organizing the space is up to you—you can keep designing new convention experiences for both visitors and exhibitors!

As part of an advertising agency, you’ll decorate the city with messages. You’re in close contact with communication designers, and together you create campaigns for clients.

Show Your Team Spirit at Work!

Turn your passion into your career by stepping up to the plate in Sport Management. The atmosphere in a stadium is crucially important to fans. As a sport manager, this is your responsibility—for instance, making sure the day of a football game goes smoothly. It starts with the promotion of the game, and goes from coordinating marketing and merchandise, to planned ticket sales, to advertising at halftime to allocation of personnel.

You can also work in the sporting goods industry. You’ll bring new products and designs to the market. You’ll evaluate and organize the best time for a launch and bowl over the fans in the process.

The Face in Front of the Camera

You don’t want to be responsible for planning events? You’re more enthusiastic about the ways that teams, associations or bands are presented to the public? Then jump into the role of PR and Sponsoring Manager. You’ll reel in new companies and partners to support you and your team in terms of finances or public relations.

As a PR representative, you’ll work closely with journalists and editors and will serve as press spokesperson in front of the camera. Whether it’s crisis communication or presenting a new team member—you coordinate, plan and manage press events down to the smallest detail.

The Public Mouthpiece

Are tv, radio, print and online publishing your world? Are you fascinated by the complexity of communication within companies and in the media? Then you’ll be interested in our next Jobguide article on the topic of editorial work, appearing Friday January 12. Can’t wait any longer and want to immediately learn more about our program in Journalism and Business Communication? Then click here and get more information.

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