Where great stories begin

The University of Applied Sciences Europe (UE) educates tomorrow's designers and decision-makers in the areas of business, sports, media & event and art & design.

Our students become part of an innovative and international network, representing more than 100 nations at our locations in Berlin, Hamburg and Iserlohn.

Does that sound exciting? Here, our alumni and professors talk about their personal path and what makes the UE so unique.

They each have a moving story - Where does your great story begin?

Next Level Networker.

Annamaria –
Head of Recruiting

Creative Space Explorer.

Niklas –
Creative Director

Fast Focus Adventurer.

Constantin –


Playful Game Changer.

Eva Lotta –
Branch Manager

Digital Transformation Booster.

Sascha  –
Head of New 

Business Development

Magic Motion Master.

Lea  –
Digital Creative Art Designer

Business Case Accelerator.

Luisa  –
Account Executive

Multi Level Player.

Bengt  –
Associate Brand Consultant

Cross Dimensional Creator.

Marcel  –
Digital Editorial Designer

Multi Challenge Expert.

Katharina  –
Global Brand Manager

Generation Next

Filipe  –
Professor Digital 

Business & Data Science

Future Design Visionary.

Peter  –
Professor Visual & Experience Design

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