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From a first game idea to a technical and creative conceptualisation – computer, video and mobile games are the medium of the future.


Game Design

Bachelor of Arts

* Important note: The implementation of face-to-face lectures takes place in accordance with and subject to the legal requirements. There is no guarantee that classroom teaching will be possible throughout the semester (in this case, teaching will be digital).


ZEvA & 


Tuition Fees

EU applicants: € 775

Non-EU applicants: € 1,009   


Study Locations

Berlin &


6 semesters / 3 years

Start in March & September


Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
mit 180 ECTS

High school diploma and a proof of sufficient knowledge of English


Course details


Constantin studied photography at the Berlin campus. Today he is a freelance bicycle photographer. 

As a bicycle photographer, he travels the world a lot and is still exactly where he always wanted to be.


Photography (B.A.)

Fast Focus Adventurer Constantin UE Stories


Communication Design (B.A.)

Marcel studied communication design at the Berlin campus. He has retained his creative curiosity and today designs digital concepts for newspapers in an international design agency.

Magic Motion Master Lea UE Stories


Film + Motion Design (B.A.)

Lea completed her Bachelor in Film + Motion Design at the Berlin campus and is now a Digital Creative Art Designer in the field of animation. The studies, she says, have given her broad access to the industry. 

Where great stories begin.

Practical Courses

Learn from lecturers and gain valuable experience editing projects with our partner companies.

Individual promotion

Focus on individual development in small learning groups within friendly atmosphere, worldwide excursions, semesters abroad & internships. 

World class atmosphere

Study in the innovative, exciting capital city of Germany and one of the 25 best universities with international orientation! *

A study programme that perfectly fits you.

"Eric Jannot is the CEO of Waza Games, has been teaching Game Design for over 6 years and is the winner of the European Innovative Games Award"

Prof. Eric Jannot

With the bachelor's degree in Game Design you have many opportunities to enter the professional life of game designer, system designer, level designer, narrative designer, game writer, game artist or gaming programmer. Become a creative director of your own studio or enter the professional fields of game journalism and game research.

Your career opportunities

Design, programme and develop worlds and characters

At the University of Applied Sciences Europe, you can finance your studies through 

• scholarships or 

• school loans 

with flexible payment options
from financial institutions.

How to finance your studies

Project by Katarzyna Kamieniew

game design

Project by Erik Mario López

Project by Oleg Hein

UE Students live their creativity

UE Students live their creativity

Create your story.

Inspire the world.

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U-Multirank ranks the UE among the world's 25 best universities for the stay abroad and student mobility. More than 1300 universities from more than 100 countries were evaluated by U-Multirank.





The best time of your life!

Latest equipment

Updated iMac classrooms, high-end design software, photo studios, VR equipment, green screen rooms, sound studios, graphic tabs, game labs, SR cameras and more.

game design

Experience an innovative media campus

Exciting experiences

During the curriculum, you can take part in excursions (New York, Vietnam & Iceland) and practical projects with partnered companies and agencies.

Field trip to New York City

Global network

With team projects, industrial visits, internships & lectures build your own portfolio while you study.

Practical projects part of everyday life

See more to explore

This project shapes the shopping behaviours of citizens to combat climate change. The system rewards the purchase of eco-friendly products and deducts 'karma points' when the consumer buys products that negatively impact the environment. Earned 'karma points' can be redeemed for food and green alternatives.


CERELAC 18+ rebrands NESTLÈ´S CERELAC milk, a brand that suffered

from several boycotts after being accused of unethically promoting infant  formula over breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries. Leonor Boavida changed the purpose of the product from being used for babies and 

toddlers to a method of stress relief and calming escapism for adults.

The CERELEAC 18+ project by Leonor Boavida

DESTINATION 2688 is an artbook project for a fictional game, which deals  with the question of whether mankind will be able to accept highly developed artificial intelligence in their society. Katharina Pilchowski focuses on character design and creates a hardcover artbook with 64 coloured pages and an 

additional poster.

The Destination 2688 project by Katharina Pilchowski


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