Study Art & Design at UE and work in an exciting space between art, design, and technology, across disciplines and international borders.

Bachelor and Master degrees for the creative minds

* Important note: The implementation of face-to-face lectures takes place in accordance with and subject to the legal requirements. There is no guarantee that classroom teaching will be possible throughout the semester (in this case, teaching will be digital).

Bachelor's degrees

A study programme with a future.  Illustrators see themselves as artistic partners of editorial offices, advertising agencies, design offices, game & film productions.

Master's degrees

Transform communication within virtual and physical spaces into inspiring and lasting experiences.

Typical occupational fields

  • Product & Innovation Management
  • Web developer, Interface designer, Digital media designer
  • Image editor, art buyer, retoucher or curator
  • Motion designer, digital designer or film designer
  • Game designer or programmer
  • Freelancer, self-employed, or full-time employment
  • Advertising or communication agencies
  • Art or Creative Director
  • Professional studios and research centres

      ... and much more

This project shapes the shopping behaviours of citizens to combat climate change. The system rewards the purchase of eco-friendly products and deducts 'karma points' when the consumer buys products that negatively impact the environment. Earned 'karma points' can be redeemed for food and green alternatives.


CERELAC 18+ rebrands NESTLÈ´S CERELAC milk, a brand that suffered

from several boycotts after being accused of unethically promoting infant  formula over breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries. Leonor Boavida changed the purpose of the product from being used for babies and 

toddlers to a method of stress relief and calming escapism for adults.

The CERELEAC 18+ project by Leonor Boavida

DESTINATION 2688 is an artbook project for a fictional game, which deals  with the question of whether mankind will be able to accept highly developed artificial intelligence in their society. Katharina Pilchowski focuses on character design and creates a hardcover artbook with 64 coloured pages and an 

additional poster.

The Destination 2688 project by Katharina Pilchowski


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I am very grateful that this possibility exists. I think we can consider ourselves lucky and I think it is good that UE is one of the pioneers at this.



* Accumulated results of an internal survey of 100 students about their level of satisfaction regarding teaching quality, lecturer interaction and organisation of our virtual classrooms during Covid-19 lockdown.


Eva Lotta studied corporate management in Hamburg and is now Branch Manager of the junior centre of a well-known Hamburg football club.

Eva Lotta


Management (M.Sc.)


Communication and Media Management (B.Sc.)


Sport & Event 

Management (B.Sc.)

Sascha studied communication and media management at the Iserlohn campus. Today, he is Head of New Business Development at one of the largest software companies in the world.

Katharina studied sport & event management at the Iserlohn campus and is now Global Brand Manager for food-tech trade fairs at one of Germany's best-known trade fair organisers.

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