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For us, research and teaching form a unity. Practice-oriented teaching must be constantly renewed by the research activities of our faculties and aligned with the current state of science. Application-oriented research not only enriches teaching and studies with challenging topics, but also offers students the opportunity to actively work on future-oriented projects during their studies. Furthermore, through cooperation with partners from the industry, it represents the central source of funding for the practice-oriented research of the future.


At the centre of our research concept is the concept of 'human-centred innovation' - the philosophy of developing innovations and technologies in a human-centred way.

The integration of the human factor in new developments is the greatest task for companies in the 21st century. 'Human'stands for ethical, sustainable and experience-oriented in this context. For UE, this means pursuing an interdisciplinary and agile research strategy that adapts to market demands and enables innovative combinations of research content. Our research contributions focus in particular on the intersection of technology, business and design.


a triangle of 3 topics combining the whole content

Research focus

What impact do innovations and technologies have on people's health and well-being?

In the area of New Health & Well-Being, the focus is on relevant aspects of (mental) health and well-being in the process of technological development with influences on all areas of life, with an emphasis on New Work and New Learning. This research cluster also addresses the question of how technology can support the improvement of health. In particular, the faculties of Sport and Psychology contribute to this cluster.

What impact do innovations and technology have on new design and creativity?

The research area New Design & Creativity explores in a creative and artistic way how successful interaction between people via technology and at the interface between people and technology can succeed. In addition, new creative processes and their relevance for New Work and New Learning. The artistic and media faculties UX/UI Design, Game Design, Photography & New Media, New Media Design, Visual & Experience Design, Illustration and Film & Motion Design in particular contribute to this research cluster.

What impact do innovations and technology have on new work, new learning and new life?

In the research area New Business & Technology, we address the following questions: How are people influenced by innovative technologies in business and administration, and can technological trends be translated into usable innovations? To this end, innovative business models and new cultures around New Work are discussed. The departments of Innovation Design Management, Corporate Management and Marketing Management contribute to the business perspective. The expertise from the departments of UX/UI Design, Game Design, Software Engineering and Data Science provides the necessary technological expertise for new business models. Human perception of technology as well as individual behaviour and needs in interaction with technology are relevant aspects that are complemented by the faculties of Psychology and Business Psychology.

UE publishing practice

We make our research process as open as possible, as evidenced by the development of the digital publishing house 'UE publishing practices' with open access to our research projects.


Meta-criteria for internal funding

Interdisciplinary research

Connecting with other UE researchers and faculties and forming teams.

Applied research

Projects with support / partial funding from external partners or funding agencies.

International cooperations

Involvement of external and international project partners of UE.


Involve UE students or graduates in research.


GUS Research Conference

The first digital conference will take place in September, with others to follow in 2022. The initiators are the University Canada West (UCW) and the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE).

The Future of Studying: New Studying instead of Old School Campus - the new UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam

Founding your own start-up after graduation or working in one - that is the wish of many students at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences. Now they can get a taste of start-up air while still studying: at the new UE Innovation Hub in Potsdam.

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