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The University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) is well-known for excellent and practice-oriented teaching with an international orientation. In order to guarantee this teaching, both the rectorate and the dean's office take care of the continuous, strategic development of UE.


This includes not only the expansion of national and international cooperations but also the maintenance and review of the individual departments as well as teaching and examination activities. 



The Rectorate

Iris Lorscheid Prof. Thomas Noller

Maurits van Rooijen





Iris Lorscheid

Iris Lorscheidt

Vice Rector Research 


Sascha Bosetzky

Vice Rector Academic & Teaching

Prof. Thomas Noller

Thomas Noller

Vice-Rector University Development and International Affairs

The Deanery Art & Design

Prof. Heike Ollertz Prof. Walter Bergmoser Meyerzuermgassen Fourth
Prof. Heike Ollertz

Heike Ollertz

Dean, Campus Hamburg


Departments: Editorial Photography, Documentary Photography, Analogue B/W Lab, New Media



Prof. Walter Bergmoser

Walter Bergmoser

Vice Dean, Campus Berlin


Departments: Photography



Meyerzuermgassen Fourth

Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen

Vice Dean, Campus Hamburg 


Departments: Scientific illustration


The Deanery Business

Burgartz Thomas Prodekan Betriebswirtschaftslehre Unternehmensfuehrung Fourth Angela Harre Fourth Britta Ruhnau Fourth
Burgartz Thomas Prodekan Betriebswirtschaftslehre Unternehmensfuehrung Fourth

Thomas Burgartz

Dean, Campus Iserlohn


Departments: Economics



Daniel Heuermann

Vice Dean, Campus Berlin


Departments: Economics



Angela Harre Fourth

Angela Lennartz

Vice Dean, Campus Hamburg 


Departments: Digital Media & Marketing


Britta Ruhnau Fourth

Britta Ruhnau

Vice Dean, Campus Iserlohn


Departments: Quantitative Methods, Economics


Academic Responsibility

Johannes Kiessler Fourth Christine Piepiorka
Johannes Kiessler Fourth

Johannes Kiessler

Academic Director Campus Development & Corporate Partnerships


Christine Piepiorka

Christine Piepiorka

Academic Lead Potsdam